Thursday, December 24, 2009


The holidays this year in the Cooper house are I guess we could call "bittersweet"!!! We are so excited that we have met our baby boy, have held him, have cuddled with him, have given him his oh so perfect name and have fallen absolutely totally in love with him BUT we are so sad that he is not here with us yet in his new home to celebrate the Christmas holidays. We have decided that we will leave all of the decorations up and keep his presents under the tree until he arrives which we are hopeful to be sooner rather than later! This wait between trips is excruciating! Everything is ready and now we are just waiting for HIM!!! We continue to just try and stay as busy as possible as we wait for the phone to ring to tell us...."get going - your little boy is ready to come home!"

Merry Christmas our little angel!!!! Not too much longer and we will be reunited with you and this time we will never let you go again!!!

We love you!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and Shower

My mom and sisters had a fantastic shower for us this past weekend while we were up north for Thanksgiving. Along with the shower, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and visit with our families!!! It was also so great to see alot of friends that we had not seen for a while. We have so much to give thanks for this year including the wonderful family that we have along with our little angel who we cannot wait to bring home very soon!! We got so much fun stuff for "K" including wonderful books, lots of fun toys and I think he will be the best dressed kid on the block!! :) I sit in his room and dream of us rocking in the glidder reading books for hours on end. We are holding our breathe that we will be hearing very soon about a court date!!! The suitcases have started getting packed so we will be ready to head on the jet plane ASAP!

Stay warm our little angel....we will be there very very soon!!!! We love you!!