Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally....looking and posing for a picture

It usually takes forever to get Matt to pose or even look at me to take his picture!!! Right now we are in full force Operation Potty training and he was sitting on the potty and was very proud to pose for this picture!!! Guess boys will be boys as even the 2 year olds like the potty!! LOL. Matt recently moved into the Beginners class at school after being promoted from the Toddler room and once the kids get to that room....it is NO more diapers but Pull ups are allowed temporarily. For the last 2 weeks, Matt has been in Pull ups at school but they were putting him on the potty several times a day. This week we have decided to dive in and he is now wearing big boy pants with Pull ups over them. Yesterday and today he only had 2 accidents and has gone at home on the potty for us as well. We are very proud of him!!! Although it will be so nice to be out of diapers......it makes me sad to wonder...."what happen to my baby?"!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Matt's New Playset

We got this playset for Matt several weeks ago. It came in 6 big giant boxes with lots and lots (Daddy says thousands) of pieces! After 5 long weekends of a long project for Daddy - it is just about completed. Matt loves it and all he wants to do is swing, swing, swing! He has not yet learned how to move his legs to keep him swinging and he makes it very known when we are pushing him and he is not going high enough and wants to be pushed more!!! This child is fearless! He calls it "Matt's house" and he will only let Zack (choc lab) in and not Gunner (yellow lab). He gets very aggrevated with Zack when he will not go into Matt's house! Poor Zack - he is such a trooper!!! He also likes to climb up the ladder and yell for "Daddy" when we are waiting for him to come home from work. He just stands up there and yells and yells....I think our neighbors think this is a nut house over here! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

The circus came to town

The circus came to town this weekend and we were lucky enough to get front row seats! We were not sure how Matt would like it, or if he would sit still but he was really good for about 90% of the time! We had talked about the elephants and the tigers and he could not wait to see them. Since we were in the front row, the elephants were probably only about 25 feet from us when they walked by! Matt was amazed and so excited! It was a fun filled day for all of us!! :) Here are some pictures from our day!

More Pictures