Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Matthew's 1st Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas (especially with it being a White one - see below post). Matthew did so well and Santa was very good to him! MomMom and PopPop came from PA to be with us on Matthew's 1st Christmas so that made it extra special! We decided instead of traveling up north to being with the rest of our families that since this was the 1st Christmas, we would stay home and enjoy it with our son in his own home! We so missed the rest of our families but hopefully we will be able to join them for the holidays next year. Matthew did not get the opening of presents in the beginning but then his 4 legged brother jumped in and starting ripping off the paper and Matt got the hang of it!!! It was such a joy to see the excitment on his face seeing all of his new toys! A Christmas truely to never be forgotten!

A few more pics

White Christmas

Yes, indeed we did, we had a white Christmas here in Northern Alabama! In all our years living up north, we have had several white Christmas' but never would we have thought, Matthews 1st Christmas and living in the south would we awake to a snow covered scene!! The forecasters said maybe some snow flurries but this was alot more than flurries! When we woke up on Christmas morning and looked at the window, it was definately a Christmas dream come true!!! After we opened some presents, of course we had to go out and play in the snow. Thankfully we still had a snow suit for Matthew from being in Russia in February last year. Daddy built a big snowman and we all had so much fun!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Pageant at School

Here are some pictures from Matt's Christmas Pageant at school. Each class went up on stage a sang a couple of songs and then at the end all of the classes went up together. Matt's class was the 1st class on stage and the place was packed! When he saw us before he was going up he was hesitant to come up but after he saw the other kids, he joined right in. He had such a ball up there, singing and laughing and skaing his jingle bells! We were so proud of him!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Decorating the Tree

We had so much fun decorating the tree!!! It looks a little like a Charlie Brown tree since the ornaments are mostly on from the middle on up but Matt loved decorating and we had so much fun!!! We talk about Santa but Matt does not really understand but Christmas morning will be sooooooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is 10 months since we became a Family......what a difference a family makes!!!! Matt has grown so much and changed so much we just want to freeze is truely amazing BUT we are so thrilled at his progress! He now knows almost all of his colors, he can count to 5, and knows almost every animal sound there is to know!!!! His teachers at school are amazed at his progress and we are so proud!!! We tried 4 months ago to get speech therapy with him through our state and they told us that he did not qualify (which we were totally shocked at) but he has showed us that he is moving right along with only the help of his Mama and Daddy!!! We love this little boy more than we could have ever dreamed......what a blessing to our family and what a perfect addition he is!!!!!! Never this time last year when we were so sad he was not here did we ever imagine what it would be like this year for the Christmas season!!! We absolutely adore you our sweet angel, are the love of our lives!!!!!! Thank you for making our life complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few more pics and the decorated tree

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A fun filled weekend

We had such a fun filled weekend! On saturday, we went to Disney on Ice and Matt loved it and then on to Matt's 1st Birthday Party. It was at the "Kids Zone" and it had lots of inflatable slides and fun things to play on. At first it took him a little bit to figure out how to climb up the steps on the slides, then once he got it, we could not get him off. On sunday, we went in search for our first family Christmas Tree. It was so much fun looking through the trees and we found the "perfect" tree!!!! We have already put up our artificial tree and the ornaments are on from the middle on up.......Matt bothered them for the 1st few days but has now has left it alone! We will decorate the "real" tree this weekend...ornaments again will again be on the tree from the middle on up!!! I so much remember this time last year where we were so hopeful we would get back to Vlad in December and be with our angel for Christmas and it didn't happen and we were so sad. This year is so wonderful and so much fun experiencing all these new fun things together. Can't wait for Christmas morning!!!

Christmas Cookies

Matt, Daddy and I decided it was time to make our 1st christmas cookies together......whew.............that was fun!!!! At first, Matt was not interested at all but after he saw he could shake sugar all over them he decided to dive right in! These are definately SUGAR cookies with lots and lots of sugar!! Matt especially enjoyed them when they were finally ready to eat!!! Such a fun day!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pictures with Matt and his cousins

A few weeks ago, Matt and Mama flew to PA to visit with family for an early Thanksgiving and got pictures taken of Matt and his 1st cousins (on Mama's side) and also Mama and her sisters for MomMom and PopPop for Christmas. This is the 1st time that MomMom has a professional picture of all of her grandchildren and her daughters together!!! We think she will love it!!
Aunt Sue and Uncle Ed had Thanksgiving Dinner at their house and the kids loved playing together!!! Of course, Matt's cousins, Amanda, Megan and Sara carried him around all weekend so he was a bit spoiled when we got back but that is what big girl cousins are for! Aunt Judy (Daddy's sister) also got to join us for an early Thanksgiving so we were so happy to get to visit with her as well! It was a wonderful weekend and we have so much to give Thanks for especially our sweet boy, Matthew!!! Can't wait for Christmas!
Side note.....Matt also has 11 1st cousins and 11 2nd cousins (on Daddy's side) and 5 2nd cousins (on Mama's side)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matt's 1st Visit with Santa

Our neighborhood clubhouse had a Santa Event today where we got to visit with Santa, make crafts and take a sleigh ride pulled by a beautiful white horse. We did not know how Matt would be with Santa as we figured he would most likely be afraid. At first, he was afraid and then he started to warm up after he saw the other kids! We made a fun gingerbread house and then took a sleigh was so much fun although the weather was very warm and it felt more like Easter than Christmas but we'll take it!!!! Thought we would share some pictures!!! What a dfference a year makes.....this time last year we had been so hopeful that we would have a court date early December and be home by Christmas and unfortunately that did not happen but everything happens for a reason and now this year, we are so looking forward to the holidays and the joys that it will bring to our whole family and especially our baby boy!!! We are so excited to decorate and put the tree up and can't wait to see Matt's face on Christmas morning!!! Memories, memories, memories!!!

A few more