Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

What a wonderful thing to be called a Mom!!! When we started out on our adoption journey in May, 2007, never did I think that I would not be celebrating my 1st Mother's day until May, 2010 BUT although we had encountered lots of obsticles during our journey, I would have waited 3 more years to celebrate Mother's day for our sweet beautiful little angel that we had always dreamed of! Matthew is all of our dreams come true and the light of our lives!!! Yes, he is an almost 2 year old and starting to have more and more of those 2 year old moments but he is just the most loveable little boy and if I could, I would hold him and snuggle with him all day long! I am attaching a picture from the 1st day I ever held my baby in my arms to a picture of my baby boy and I on our 1st Mother's day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

10 Weeks Home

It was 10 weeks ago tonight that we pulled into the driveway and we were so happy to finally see...Home Sweet Home!!!! Most days...it seems like 10 years ago!!!! Matt has come so far in 10 short weeks it is amazing!!!! He is the light of our lives....can't even remember what life was like without him! He is eating great, sleeping great (most of the time) and he is talking more and more. Not too many words just yet but always talking and saying something!! :) Just some pics from throughout our 1st 10 weeks at home!