Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 Flights down - 1 to go!!!

We made it to Seoul, Korea last evening. Korean Airlines once again was absolutely fabulous unfortunately we will not be flying home with them since we will be taking our road trip to Moscow. We stayed in the Transit Hotel here in the airport overnight and are nice and refreshed for our flight to Vlad this morning. We are on cloud 9 hoping we only have 1 morning to wake up before being able to hold our little boy in our arms again!!!! Our court date is on thursday, Feb 4th so we will be getting prepared as well for that with our girls in Vlad for the next couple of days!!!!
We are preparing to step off the plane in Vlad in a few more hours and hoping the temperature is at least a positive number!!!! Thank goodness for nice warm winter clothes! We are going to need them. Nothing like Russia in February!!!!

Hang on angel.....we are almost there!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Countdown is Beginning

Today marks 1 week and counting until we set out on a jet plane to bring our beautiful baby boy home!! We will be arriving in Vladivostok on Monday, Feb 1. Instead of using a courier to go to the US Embassy in Moscow, we have decided to take a road trip and will be heading to Moscow and spending a few days to finish up all the necessary paperwork. We look forward to visiting Moscow and experiencing all the history the city has to offer. I am sure there is nothing like Moscow in the middle of February!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


FINALLY.....we got our court date - February 4th!!! We will be leaving next weekend to go get our beautiful angel boy!!!! Words cannot explain how excited we are!!!!! It has been a very long road and the light at the end of the tunnel......IS SHINING VERY BRIGHT!!!!!
Hang on angel.....we are coming!!! Less than 2 weeks we will be reunited and will never leave eachothers side again!!!!
Our hearts are exploding with love for you and you are always on our mind!!!!
Can't wait to hold you, snuggle with you and give you more love than you could have ever dreamed of!!!!!