Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 Flights down - 1 to go!!!

We made it to Seoul, Korea last evening. Korean Airlines once again was absolutely fabulous unfortunately we will not be flying home with them since we will be taking our road trip to Moscow. We stayed in the Transit Hotel here in the airport overnight and are nice and refreshed for our flight to Vlad this morning. We are on cloud 9 hoping we only have 1 morning to wake up before being able to hold our little boy in our arms again!!!! Our court date is on thursday, Feb 4th so we will be getting prepared as well for that with our girls in Vlad for the next couple of days!!!!
We are preparing to step off the plane in Vlad in a few more hours and hoping the temperature is at least a positive number!!!! Thank goodness for nice warm winter clothes! We are going to need them. Nothing like Russia in February!!!!

Hang on angel.....we are almost there!!!!


  1. Tracey & Chuck,
    Best wishes and stay warm..Give your angel a hug for all us here in PA.
    Love to the THREE of you!

  2. Woohoo! I am just dying to see pictures of your angel! Guess I won't have to wait much longer :) Glad to hear your travels are going well.

  3. Awesome!!! Almost there!!! Wish you al the best! Can't wait to see pictures!!!! Have fun and enjoy every seconds!!! Have fun later with your little one int he White Rabbit room. :-)

  4. The hard part is over... the wait is almost behind you. Congrats on making it through. Can't wait to see pics :) Fly safe and welcome to the first days of the rest of your life!!!

  5. Oh....I can just picture it all and am so very happy for you!! Almost on the other side of this whole process with your little guy in your arms forever!!!

  6. More great news.
    Loved the Transit Hotel in Seoul too...much better than sleeping on benches throughout the airport. I can't imagine doing that, but many people were.
    Tell us more when you get the chance!