Monday, February 1, 2010

The good news is.......

We made it to Vlad and to the Vlad Inn. The bad news is...............only us and the stuff we have had since we started out on friday night in Huntsville are with us!!! NO BAGS......3 bags checked....not ONE single one made it!!!! Of course, 1st instincts are to freak......I (we) are trying to stay calm and hope that they arrive in a day or so!!! Last thing I expected to be doing within minutes of arriving at the Vlad Inn was doing wash but unfortunately that is what I am doing!! Thankfully since we have been traveling for a few days, we have a few changes of clothes so guess we will just have to get used to seeing ourselves in the same clothes for a while until our luggage arrives - yes, I am being optomistic that it WILL arrive hopefully sooner rather than later!!!! So much for being a Platinum preferred customer with the airlines!!!
Please say a prayer for us that we get our luggage soon!!!

2ND GOOD NEWS......tomorrow morning we will meet our girls at 9:00 am and head to the baby home to see our angel.....when we think of that all the rest of the anxiety goes away!!! He certainly won't care if we are in the same clothes everyday!! :)


  1. Glad you made it safe! Hopefully your bags will arrive soon! Your little guy won't car what you are wearing just that you are they for him! Can't wait to read more! Enjoy your time!

  2. Sorry your bags didn't make it. we lost our bags on the first trip but the people at the airport knew exactly where they were and when they would arrive, and they DID arrive at that time.

    hopefully it will be the same for you!

  3. That IS a bummer but hopefully they will turn up quickly. Do you clothes for court with you in case they take longer?

    Sooo true...your precious guy won't care one bit what clothes you are in and neither will you with him in your arms!!

    Good luck with everything.

  4. I'm sure you're just sooo excited about meeting your girl! Soooo fun! I hope too that your bags make it! Enjoy your trip! :-)


  5. They have a washer you can use there at the Vlad Inn if you dont want to hand wash.Best wishes on reuniting with your little boy and meeting a girl.We just returned from Vlad last week.

  6. Ohhh NOOOO!! Well, at least you have a couple of outfits to wear. Your clothes will probably show up as you're checking out to go home! Isn't that how it always goes?

    Have a wonderful time meeting up with all your little ones tomorrow, you'll be in our thoughts!!

  7. Sorry you had the incident with the luggage. Hope there is other families with your guys while you all will have to wait in Vlad. Hope your guys don't have to many snow. Is your angel in Baby home #1? I forgot which agency you with. Anyway Have a great time even if you are wearing your same clothes LOL

  8. Tracey...what a are in Russia for TRIP #2!!!!!!!
    Very excited for you, friend.