Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sea of Japan is an Ice Skating rink

The Sea of Japan is frozen solid. It is truely an unbelievable site. People, cars, horses are all out walking around on it like it is a sunny afternoon in the park. We saw people out on snowboards being pulled by parachutes. There are ice skating rinks all over with people ice skating, music playing and everyone just having a good old time even though it is freezing outside. Does not seem to bother any of the Russian people. If you have not been to Vladivostok in the winter time, you would not believe how different it is. When we were here in the fall, people were on the beach and in the, just a tad bit different.
Thought I would share the pictures so if you have not experienced you could see Vlad and the beach down the street from the Vlad Inn in the winter.


  1. If you take the train going the opposite direction from Vladivostok and stop on the next stop you will see all the Russian Ice fishermen. When they all came back to catch their train, they all had their tank but no fish inside..only vodka bottle Ha! :-)
    Your guys have fun!!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! It sure is different than when we were there in May and in October. No swimmers!