Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The clock is ticking.....

We had a very nice visit with "K" today. We had not seen him for a few days so it was so good to see his smiling face! He is becoming more and more independent every day! He is changing right before our eyes but we love it, love it, love it!!! And more importantly, we fall more in love with him everyday! We got smiles within minutes of him coming in the room today. His caretakers told us that after we leave, he is bad, he is sad, he does not listen, on and on......on 1 hand, made us so sad to hear that today but on the other hand, it makes us know that he would rather be with us and that is an absolutely wonderful feeling!!!! After today, we have 5 days left until "Gotcha Day"!!! We sit here at the Vlad Inn and know it is happening but sometimes just look at eachother and cannot believe it. This has been such a long road but we know that he is the PERFECT little boy for us and we would not change anything for the world!!! We are finally on the home stretch.....what an awesome feeling!!!!!

Hang in there our little angel!!!! The countdown is on and there is no one counting louder than your mommy and daddy!!! Everyone at home is so excited to meet you!!!! Your cousin Becca is getting your puppies ready at home to meet you!!! Thank goodness for Becca, she is our other angel!!! Your puppies would not have been happy in the kennel!!!

We love you our sweet little boy!!!

This is our last tuesday EVER without you!!!


  1. You really are on the home stretch to
    "Gotcha Day". Hang in there, get some rest; Two years olds have lots of energy and so much love to give!!

    Love ya,
    "K's" Aunt Judy

  2. Sounds great! Our little guy was the same way after we left. The caretakers told us that he was a totally different child after we came into his life. You guys are doing great! I am with you on the countdown. Counting down until your "Gotcha Day!" Can't wait to see the pictures! Hang in there! It is all worth it!

  3. Oh, I love that.....the LAST TUES ever!!! That sounds fantastic :o) How I wish I was there counting down the days with you!!!

  4. I can hear your joy in your words. Forever...really...forever...no more waiting.