Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are all packed up and ready to head to Moscow today. Can you tell a little someone is ready to go?????? We are so excited to move on to the next step and then in no time will be headed home to the south!!!! Our little boy is not really liking this cold weather so we think he will be happy, happy, happy living in Alabama where the weather is much warmer!!!

Next post will be from Moscow.


  1. Have a safe flight and enjoy Moscow. Try to go to the red square for 10 am on morning, when all the bells rings at the same time. It will make you just cry being there with your little one. So beautiful! Are you staying at the Courtyard?

  2. Oh man I'm just getting caught up on your blog... Matthew is such a little cherub! LOVE his beautiful big eyes and huge smile. SO happy for you and your handsome little guy!!!

  3. Tracey, Thanks for the "care package"...very thoughtful. Look forward to hearing all about Moscow. And I'll email you to keep up w/you guys afterwards too.
    Court went well. Aubree is officially a Porter now! Thanks for your words of wisdom

  4. Have a great time in Moscow! Closer and closer to being home! So very happy for you guys!

  5. That is such a funny picture. Hope you had a good trip to moscow.

    Till when will you be there? We'll probably just miss you again since we are staying at the marriott for one night Feb 28th-march 1.

  6. That little cutie looks SO HAPPY!! He's finally with his mommy and daddy! :D

    Can't wait to meet him! I have a reason to go in the kids department again! Woo-Hoo!

    Safe travels!

    Tammy (& Joe) :D

  7. The love & happiness shines throuhg in the pics! Congrats!! xo Carey