Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pictures with Matt and his cousins

A few weeks ago, Matt and Mama flew to PA to visit with family for an early Thanksgiving and got pictures taken of Matt and his 1st cousins (on Mama's side) and also Mama and her sisters for MomMom and PopPop for Christmas. This is the 1st time that MomMom has a professional picture of all of her grandchildren and her daughters together!!! We think she will love it!!
Aunt Sue and Uncle Ed had Thanksgiving Dinner at their house and the kids loved playing together!!! Of course, Matt's cousins, Amanda, Megan and Sara carried him around all weekend so he was a bit spoiled when we got back but that is what big girl cousins are for! Aunt Judy (Daddy's sister) also got to join us for an early Thanksgiving so we were so happy to get to visit with her as well! It was a wonderful weekend and we have so much to give Thanks for especially our sweet boy, Matthew!!! Can't wait for Christmas!
Side note.....Matt also has 11 1st cousins and 11 2nd cousins (on Daddy's side) and 5 2nd cousins (on Mama's side)


  1. The pictures are beautiful!!!!!

  2. That is awesome~! Beautiful pictures! Unfortunately our little guy has no cousins :(