Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A fun filled weekend

We had such a fun filled weekend! On saturday, we went to Disney on Ice and Matt loved it and then on to Matt's 1st Birthday Party. It was at the "Kids Zone" and it had lots of inflatable slides and fun things to play on. At first it took him a little bit to figure out how to climb up the steps on the slides, then once he got it, we could not get him off. On sunday, we went in search for our first family Christmas Tree. It was so much fun looking through the trees and we found the "perfect" tree!!!! We have already put up our artificial tree and the ornaments are on from the middle on up.......Matt bothered them for the 1st few days but has now has left it alone! We will decorate the "real" tree this weekend...ornaments again will again be on the tree from the middle on up!!! I so much remember this time last year where we were so hopeful we would get back to Vlad in December and be with our angel for Christmas and it didn't happen and we were so sad. This year is so wonderful and so much fun experiencing all these new fun things together. Can't wait for Christmas morning!!!


  1. Happy Holidays - such cute photos and I enjoyed the photos from decorating cookies!!

  2. How adorable that Matt is running around with a stuffed animal! He is getting so big! I'm impressed that you have 2 trees ~ you are brave! :)