Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matt's 1st Visit with Santa

Our neighborhood clubhouse had a Santa Event today where we got to visit with Santa, make crafts and take a sleigh ride pulled by a beautiful white horse. We did not know how Matt would be with Santa as we figured he would most likely be afraid. At first, he was afraid and then he started to warm up after he saw the other kids! We made a fun gingerbread house and then took a sleigh was so much fun although the weather was very warm and it felt more like Easter than Christmas but we'll take it!!!! Thought we would share some pictures!!! What a dfference a year makes.....this time last year we had been so hopeful that we would have a court date early December and be home by Christmas and unfortunately that did not happen but everything happens for a reason and now this year, we are so looking forward to the holidays and the joys that it will bring to our whole family and especially our baby boy!!! We are so excited to decorate and put the tree up and can't wait to see Matt's face on Christmas morning!!! Memories, memories, memories!!!


  1. Too cute!!! Love to see these pictures!

  2. He did well seeing Santa!! The first picture reminds me of Daniel's first visit with Santa - leaned away and holding on to us! So sweet!