Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gifts for "K"

Thank you so much to Mom Mom, Aunt Kristen and Aunt Sue for sending a wonderful care package of gifts for "K" for us to take with us. These are just a few of the gifts but they have made sure that he will stay nice and warm during the months until we can bring him home to the sunny South!!!! He has also received his "My First Bear" which we hope he can keep in his crib along with the blanket that we have for him.


  1. Congrats on your trip and on heading over to meet your son! Enjoy every second of it and take a 1000 more pictures than you think is reasonable... and video when you can!!! Travel safe, fast and as snag free as possible! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog- I'll cheer from the sidelines for everything to go FANTASTIC for you! Post often - I like to live vicariously!

  2. I know of another family traveling on Sat. also. Best Wishes and Congratulations!!

    I agree with Stacey take pictures until your finger hurts. Video too. It helps so much to have them to review when you are waiting to return and see your son again. So excited for you!!

  3. Cute clothes - I LOVE the rocketship t-shirt! Can't wait to hear all about your angel!!!