Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying to pass the time!

Our Dossier 2 has made it to Vlad and is in the process of being translated. We are hopeful that things will move quickly and it will get submitted to court in record timing. What a great relief it was to get that all completed, notorized, apostilled and mailed off.

Meanwhile, we have been cheering on our Fightin' Philadelphia Phillies, unfortunately, last night was "D" day and they lost the World Series to the NY Yankees. 2 Years in a row certainly would have been fantastic.....we can just hope for a 2010 World Series.

Here's hoping for a quick court date.

Hang on our little angel boy....we are coming back for you very soon.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams. We love you more than you can even imagine.


  1. Boo Yankees!!! 1st things first, buy him a Phillies hat!!!

  2. I hope you get your court date FAST! My husband and I will be in Vladivostok until Thanksgiving. Maybe we will get a chance to meet!


  3. Congrats on getting dossier #2 completed so fast! Can't wait to hear that you've got a court date.

  4. Hoping & Praying all goes quickly! I can't wait to meet my new nephew!!!!!

    Love ya, Judy

  5. Hello Tracey and Chuck,

    we are like you adopting from Vladivostok. We are from Philadelphia (sad for the Phillies).
    Anyway, I hope your dossier will go as fast as ours. We had ours submited to court on October 27th and just received couple days ago the phone call for our court date on 11/19.
    So I wish you both good luck and hope too, you will get your court date very soon. If you want, you can see our blog at

    Wish you all the best!
    Stella and Steve from Philadelphia

  6. Hi Tracey,

    I found your blog while visiting another and have enjoyed reading it. We, too, are adopting a baby boy from Vlad and are anxiously awaiting our court date. Our judge requested MORE documents, which has delayed our return...ugh.

    I am sending you good mojo that you receive a court date soon!! Who knows....we could be over there at the same time!


  7. Hello Tracey and Chuck,

    We are from baby home #1 how about your guys? How old is your little one?
    Any news on your end?

    Stella and Steve.

  8. Here's hoping for a quick court date!