Monday, June 7, 2010

Matt loves helping Daddy!

I think Matt will be a handy man just like his Daddy!!!! Daddy is building a small little barbecue deck in the back our our house for our grill and our smoker and Matt wanted to be right there with him to build it!!!! Poor little guy, he sweats so bad but loves to be outside!!!

Side all the AP's out there - We had had no issues getting Matt's SSN and so in turn in we applied for his US Passport....when we originally applied with the USPS....they told us that all we needed was his "Certificate of Citizenship" and we were ok with sending that in the mail.....we figured god forbid they lost it that we could get another one.....BUT...after 4 weeks of processing, we got a letter in the mail stating that they could not confirm who Matt's parents were and we needed to send his Russian Birth Certificate....well, of course we were quite afraid to send that as that is our one and only birth certificate to our son.....after hemming and halling......we ended up having to send it and we sent it Fed ex with a Return Label that they promised us ALL of our original documents would be sent back with.....Low and Behold....our goverment...that we were very afraid of....sent back to us TODAY.....within only a few days of receipt.....ALL of our original docs and Matt's US Passport!!!!! To say the least we were Thirlled!!!! So if you want to get a US is not that difficult!!


  1. Yeah! I am glad that you guys got your documents back. It is so scary sending those off!

  2. So sweet! I hope you guys have a great Father's Day weekend:)