Monday, August 9, 2010

Matt's New Tricks

Yesterday morning while we were sitting at the table eating breakfast, Matt decided that instead of eating his pancakes, he would rather built!! Needless to say, he wanted everything he could from the table. When he started trying to build, Daddy told him not even the best of us could get the cup to stay on top of the syrup, well of course that did not stop him and off he went....he was so proud of himself when he got it to stay! Then he decided to go to 3 stories and is the outcome!!!! He was so excited.....he kept doing it over and over and yelling and clapping his hands for joy.....we were cracking up!!! What a great sunday morning breakfast!!! We think he will be an engineer and built bridges and big tall buildings!!!


  1. He really is so proud of himself!! Daniel still loves to pile the salt and pepper shakers on each other - Maybe our boys can go into business together!

  2. So adorable! I love the picture with all the concentration. He is just so darn cute! What a great Sunday morning treat!

  3. Matt is obviously a very HAPPY little boy ~ I just love his smile. It makes his whole face light up!!!