Monday, May 9, 2011

Communion and Mother's Day

Matt and Mommy headed to PA this weekend to celebrate my 2 nephews 1st Holy Communion's and Mother's Day! Unfortunately both of my nephews made their Communions on the same day in 2 different parishes so our family had to split up. My dad and I and Matt went to Danny's who is my Godchild and my mom and headed to Will's Communion. Thankfully we were all together to celebrate Mother's Day together!! It was great to be with my Mom and Matt's MomMom and my sisters and Matt's Aunts for Mother's day!! The last Mother's Day we were all together back in 2007, we announed the news that we were in the process of adopting!!! This Mother's Day was so much better to have my little boy by my side!!!! It was an exhausting trip as it always as we just go, go, go but worth every minute!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend!! It was a wonderful 2nd Mother's Day!!


  1. Awesome news!!! Your guys going again via Russia? Will wait on a blog with more detail on that great news!!!!

  2. Wow, kinda crazy to be in 2 different places at the same time. Matt is growing up, no more baby look to him, all boy! Glad that you had a nice Mothers Day.

  3. Matt is such a cutie with that purple elephant! I love his plaid shorts too :)