Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Matt's 1st trip to the Beach

At the end of April, Matt's Aunt Sue, Uncle Ed, Cousins Megan and Danny came down from up north and we went to the beach in Destin, FL for Matt's 1st trip to the beach! We had such a blast! We didn't know if Matt would like it or not but he ended up loving it!!! He walked right down into the sand and right into the ocean. He loved chasing the birds down the beach and just playing in the sand! We were so excited as Mommy and Daddy love the beach!!!!! We road boogie boards, made sand castles, had some great seafood and just played in the ocean which was much warmer than we had expected!!! We had lots and lots of family time!!! We cannot wait to go back....hopefully sometime this summer!!!

On another note, North Alabama where we live, was hit with devastating tornadoes last week. We are finally trying to get back to "normal" after losing power for 5 days. It has been quite a trying several days but we are so thankful that other than losing power for an extended period of time, we were all safe and our home was safe as well. Please keep those in your prayers that have lost everything in this part of the country. We are so hoping we do not hear the word "tornado" or hear the "sirens" going off for a very long time.


  1. So glad he LOVED his first experience at the beach! He's so cute. We're taking Lorenzo to the beach for the first time this afternoon. Hope you're all rebounding from the bad storms and glad power is back and getting back to normal! Isn't Destin beautiful?

  2. Aw, LOVE it!! We can't wait to take Landon this summer! So happy to hear that your house is okay!

  3. How fun! Love the huge hole you all dug in the other pics! So glad you are were safe during the tornados and you finally have power back!

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