Monday, June 20, 2011

Soakin' in some Summetime Fun!!!

It is definately summertime here in Northern Alabama!!! It is hot!!! Too hot but we will take it over the snow of the winter! Matt absolutely loves to be outside. We don't get much time outside during the week after we get home from work/school but we do spend lots of time outside on the weekends. Poor little things sweats so bad but doesn't seem to bother him in the least. He loves to swing on his swings and would have us push him for hours at a time if he had his way. Saturday and Sunday mornings we usually get out on our nice long bike rides with Matt relaxing in his Chariot carrier attached to Daddy's bike. Matt loves to help daddy out in the yard and as you can see from the pics, has his own little shovel and likes to dig in the places where he should not but o'well.....all is fixable! He loves to watch the butterflies on our butterfly trees and tries to catch them if he can. His newest thing is trying to catch the bumble bees....he will be sorry if he is able to catch one....we keep telling him ooocchh!!! So far this year Matt has not been too fond of the pool so we are working on that. Last year by the end of the summer, we could not get him out of the pool and now this year he will barely stick his toes in....hmmmm????? We are getting ready to head back to the beach in 2 weeks to celebrate Matt's 3rd birthday! Should be a wonderful family vacation for just the 3 of us!!! Poor puppies will have to go to camp! LOL.


  1. I cannot believe how much that little guy has grown. And he is always smiling so big in all the pics...I love that!

    What a blessing!

    Oh, Lucy sweats like crazy outside too. But it doesn't bother her a bit either.

  2. Matt is so cute,love his big smile! Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming beach trip!

  3. Love summer fun!!! He is so cute!!! Love his smile and those eyes.....think you guys might be in trouble ;)

  4. We love summertime!!! Hope you have agreat trip to the beach! Rachel (Troy and Daniel) (Still don't know why I can't comment on your blog anymore under my google account!!)