Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That smile just melts our hearts!!

Matt finally loves tubby only took him 15+ months!!! LOL Bath time is much longer now than it used to be and it is alot of bribbing to get him out!!! So different from where he would not even sit down and we got in, got washed and were out!!!


  1. He is so darn cute! I love that smile!

  2. I agree with Gloria, so darn cute! Glad to know he is loving his baths, looks out summer, he won't want to get out of the pool or lake either i bet!

  3. I saw that picture on Chucks phone yesterday at lunch! We spent about an hour together hashing over our Vlad "war stories". We gotta start planning your visit to Chicago! Can't wait to meet the rest of the family in person!