Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1 Week Home

Matthew is adjusting to his new home wonderfully!! He is a happy happy little boy most of the time but when he is not.....WATCH OUT!!!! Sleeping is probably the most difficult thing at this point. He goes to bed pretty good at night but wakes up and thinks it is play time!! It amazes me how well this child gets along with such little sleep somedays!!! Of course, somedays, the lack of sleep for all of us gets us all a little irritable but I do believe we are making progress and hopefully we can get on track soon. He is eating pretty good but kind of has his favorites and is trying new things little by little.
The first few days he was not real sure of his 4 legged big brothers but as you can see, he loves them now and does not leave them alone for a moment!!! He follows them around everywhere they go!! Poor things...their lives have been turned upside down and they are not to sure the feeling is mutual between them and their new little brother!!!
As you can see from the pictures, he loves helping daddy!!! Hopefully he will be a handyman just like his daddy!!!!
He loves his stroller and loves to take long walks in the nice fresh air!! Looks like a few more days and the weather will be really warming up so we can get out and enjoy the warm weather!!!


  1. Oh my gracious, he is just so precious! Sounds like he is ALL boy! I love it.

    Ugh...the sleep thing. Lucy was a lot like that too in the beginning. Just hang in there, he'll eventually get into a good sleep pattern. You are so right...lack of sleep really does make for a grumpy Mama. I speak from experience. =)

  2. He looks so cute! Love the pic with the dog. Glad to hear that is going well. Sorry about the sleep thing - that too will come along. He looks very very happy to be home!

  3. Ha! What a tolerant dog! Love the dog bed in his nursery!!!

  4. Oh my gosh... he is the smiliest little guy EVER! Isn't it grand being a Mommy? Congratulations on your gorgeous son.

    Congratulations to you!
    I just stumbled upon your blog - It's great to see happiness!!
    Congrats again - jane