Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 Months today

It was 6 months ago today that we met and fell head over heels in love with our Matthew!!! Somedays it feels like yesterday and others it is like he has been here for forever. As we sat in the car and drove to the baby home that morning, we had no idea what to expect and then we pulled up and there it was. We waited in the little room as spoke with the doctor as we waited for them to bring him in. We were both so anxious to see him but were listening and trying to write down everything the doctor was telling us about him. All of a sudden the door opened and there he was....all bundled up and all we could see was his tiny little face with tears streaming down it. When the caregiver handed him to us, he started crying even louder...of course, Mommy's face had tears pouring down at that point. Within a few minutes, the tears had stopped and he was just a quiet baby wondering what was going on. He warmed up pretty quickly and it got better and better each day. What an absolutely amazing week!!! I am attaching some pictures from our 1st meeting and pictures from the last few days. It seems like he is growing right before our eyes. Our 1st meeting, he was a baby and now he is definately a non stop little boy! Some of the habits he had when we first got him have disappeared and we really hope that he has forgotten his days prior to being with us. It is truely amazing!!! We could have never asked for anything more than this perfect little boy who has made our family complete! He still has some sleeping issues and somedays I feel like we take 2 steps forward and 1 back but all in all is getting much better. He loves music and as soon as it starts he begins to dance and wave his hands - we are definately the dancing family now!!! The pups just sit and bark at us as the 3 of us run around dancing - how much fun!!! :) Thankfully the weather is starting to get warmer as he loves to be outside playing in the dirt or chasing leaves around the yard. Can't wait to see if he will like the pool this summer!

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  1. Matthew is a complete cutie. He's stolen your hearts, for sure. 6 months...while waiting the time seems to crawl, but now it's speeding up!
    Aubree is doing great. I went back to work today, and Jason is home this week with her. Next week she starts going to the sitter. I'm ready for summer so I can be home again with my kids!