Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MomMom and PopPop come for a visit and meet their long awaited 6th grandchild

After 14 hours of driving, MomMom and PopPop arrived so very very excited to meet their new grandson. After all the pictures, finally they got to see our little angel live in person. Matthew loved playing outside with PopPop and having quiet time reading with MomMom. He also enjoyed playing with his bubbles and showing PopPop how he helps Mommy sweep with the broom.


  1. Memories to cherish! Thanks for sharing. Matthew is cuter than ever. I keep meaning to email you...soon.

  2. Jack LOVES to vacuum and sweep! He also loves our dogs but they won't lay still long enough for him to lay on them like your dogs do for Matthew!

  3. Awww!! To cute! Came across your blog today! We are a family of 3 formed by adoption too! Isn't it great?!?!